Traditional Scottish Cuisine – Breakfast

Traditional Scottish Cuisine - Breakfast

Scottish breakfast is definitely difficult to assess due to the fact that you can expect so much from a simple cup of tea to cold starters and dishes that take a long time to cook. We can talk about so many interesting things and the truth is that breakfast is something that you will want to learn more when looking at Scottish cuisine. Its net worth is definitely priceless when comparing with other cuisines. 

The full Scottish breakfast is usually made out of bacon, sausage, tattie scone, eggs, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, black pudding and buttered toast. Obviously, this is a highly complete meal and you will want to pick what you like the most since having everything means really small portions of everything that was mentioned. 

The Scottish breakfast almost always include porridge. It is traditionally made out of water and oatmeal, cooked with some salt. Porridge will not congeal because it is stirred with wooden spurtles and adding a little milk with some dry fruits makes everything more delicious. 

You will want to try kippers too since they are strongly favored and normally served for breakfast in Scotland. In the Edwardian and Victorian eras, this was the main breakfast food in Great Britain, with the tradition being mainly respected now in Scotland. 

The last main breakfast dish that we have to recommend is Cranachan. This is a really simple desert that is made out of whipped cream, toasted oats, honey and raspberries. The traditional dish was modified in many different ways by world renowned chefs so you can easily find an option that you surely love. This is practically a dessert that you can enjoy both in the morning and at any other time of the day. 

Speaking about desserts, we warmly recommend that you try Tablet. This is a traditional sweet that will be made out of butter, milk (only condensed) and sugar. As you can easily imagine, we talk about a sugary confection. It is quite similar to what we know as fudge but it will have a texture that is grainier and harder. Based on where you go, you can see various flavors like vanilla. You can even find some tablets that have nuts in them.

On the whole, Scottish breakfast is definitely really heavy and that is particularly the case in the event that you want to try a dessert. You will want to be sure that you try different breakfast dishes every day so that you can easily enjoy all in the event that you never experienced such a heavy breakfast.

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