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Sandhan Valley located in Bhandardara located in Igatpuri located in Maharashtra is known for its shadowy terrains, or rather the dark terrain devoid of sunlight is where Sandhan Valley. Sandhan Valley derives its name from. it has got rocky pathways , which make it a place to go on adventures in the wild. The “Valley of Shadows” leading into an exhilarating rush all over the body creates Sandhan Valley a perfect spot for a thrilling adventure with every step.

The ideal weekend escape within Maharashtra, Sandhan Valley offers numerous activities during the trip. Sandhan Valley settled in the Sahyadri Mountains is a renowned enormous canyon that has many things to see. The main attractions of Sandhan Valley are the AMK Forts: Alang Fort, Madan Fort and Kulang Fort that throw an obstacle to hikers and trekkers to get the top. 

hike or trek

The entire hike or trek through the sharp, rock-covered roads is too risky for beginners to enter the trek field. Sandhan Valley has no accommodation to stay at night, aside from camping. There aren’t any hotels or restaurants on the rocky trails, but if you require such facilities, then you need to go toward Samrad Village where you can enjoy some peace and quiet in an inn and enjoy the delicious dishes of Samrad village with the tang of Maharashtrian scent. 

Camp in peace and enjoy the stunning scenery of the difficult stones that make up Sandhan Valley. The rocky patches along the way, and crossing the massive boulders with the water pools that are present at some locations at Sandhan Valley are going to delight you.

famous place

Sandhan Valley is famous for being the most suitable place for challenging yourself as well as Sandhan Valley offers a variety of exciting activities on the rocky walls and flowing streams. The gorge that runs through Sandhan Valley is a sight to behold , which makes the adventure even more exciting. There are a variety of activities to be done during your visit to Sandhan Valley. The top thing to do during this area is the Sandhan Valley trek is to;

  • Enjoy a hike in the mountains trails
  • Relax and enjoy yourself by climbing down the rushing water of Sandhan Valley
  • Go for a thrilling rock climbing on the cliffs of the stone.
  • The valleys you cross over are ahead of you during your trek
  • Create a campsite near the gorge, which will be enchanting to you as you lie in it or around the fire.
  • Hanging Camps will entice you too.

Camping activity

Camping is the main activity as is rappelling, which is the reason trekkers are attracted so strongly toward Sandhan Valley Trek. When you are lying beneath the stars in the evening, the burning campfire glows with a full-on glow, it makes it a place where you can experience something fresh. Although trekking can last up to five to 10 hours, depending on your speed. It is important to keep in mind that Sandhan Valley is mainly a area for experienced trekkers. Be sure to take the photos to preserve memories for the future.

Konkan Kada

Sandhan Valley is such an area where you can do different activities due to the beauty of the landscape and streams, waterfalls and gorges which make the perfect location to camp, photograph climbing, rock-climbing, hiking, and rappelling. The Konkan Kada located in Sandhan Valley offers a beautiful panorama of the hills that surround the valley. In addition, the reverse flowing through the water close to Samrad Village makes it even more interesting to explore.

 The naturalistic beauty that has self-formed at Sandhan Valley lures in a number of experienced trekkers. Its Nanhe Ghat Waterfalls also creates an ideal spot for exploring trekkers. The forts with the most frequent visits include the Alang fort as well as the Madan fort , and the Kulang Fort are among the most popular locations within Sandhan Valley along with the Ratangad Fort. 

It is possible to visit the Bhandardara hill station as well as fort, the Randha Waterfalls and the Amrutheshwara Temple when hiking in Sandhan Valley but a few kilometers away is the Ashoka Waterfall, the Thal Gate and the Myanmar Gate.

best time to go

It is recommended to go to the area between October and February since the weather is believed to be pleasant, however it is an ideal place to visit at any time of the year. Summers can be too humid and hot for trekkers to hike in Sandhan Valley.


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