Similarities Between Human Mandala And Printed Mandala

mandala tapestry


Indeed, Mandala Art is more beautiful to look at but there is more about Mandala than just aesthetically pleasing looks. Simply put, Mandala is a circular geometric design with ritual or spiritual significance. The word Mandala comes from an ancient Sanskrit language, which means a circle or the center in English and symbolizes that everything in life is cyclic and it is never ending be it the life cycle or nature cycle. So the Mandala is more related to the spiritual aspect of life. However, Mandala is more than that and scientifically it can help to build up concentration and focus in life.


spiritual significance

The Mandala has been considered of spiritual significance in many religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. If you have ever visited a Buddhist temple or a Monastery,  you will be more likely to see Mandala there. You will be surprised how often you can spot a Mandala hidden in the small details in the Indian temples as well. In recent years, people’s interest in Mandala has risen partly because of the Mandala tapestries being used as the most beautiful home décor.

uses of the printed Mandala

There are actually many uses of the printed Mandala like people use the printed in the laugh for home decor as mentioned earlier and they are also used for the colorful bedspread, handbags etc. Basically, there are two types of Mandala arts which are the Human Mandala and the Printed Mandala. Despite their differences in the art and the form, they still go and hold together.


Human Mandala

Human Mandala is a form of Yoga spiritual pose that involves the symmetrical postures by the humans. People typically sit or lay down in a circle with their feet or hands touching each other in order to make a closed loop. This is similar to what a printed Mandala Tapestry looks like.

The printed Mandala Tapestry is also a symmetrical sheet that is beautifully designed with various colors apart from being symmetrical. The printed art has designs that are intricately made with various colors like the dyes. Even the human Mandala depicts the colorful posture because of the different colored clothes that the people wear. \

complementary relation between printed Mandala and human Mandala

There is also a complementary relation between printed Mandala and human Mandala. For example, people nowadays are using the Mandala tapestries as the floor mat to do yoga. This is somehow complementing one with the other.

Yoga becomes much more effective with such Mandala of printed material as you tend to become more focused and concentrated. So the similarity here is that they both are used for improving concentration and developing a healthy atmosphere in the home. 



Similarity between printed and human Mandala

Another similarity in the printed and human Mandala is the teamwork development. Yes, they both improve teamwork. This is because while you are making your own Mandala, you will be needing the help of your loved ones. Be it in the form of coloring and turning the tapestry into different layers.

And in human Mandala you will also see people trying to make different poses in order to get the perfect Mandala Shape. So this is how teamwork in making the Mandala of the printed one and in doing the yoga of the human Mandala helps in building the teamwork. The similarities are not exhausted in nature because the shear size of the Mandala of human and printed one are both in similar size.


You can see how a printed Mandal of a queen size is perfectly fitting into the human Mandala of a group consisting of 6 to 7 people. Though the printed Mandala is hung on the wall for the room decor, if you superimpose the printed Mandela on the human Mandala you can perfectly see that the sizes of both the human and the printed Mandala will be superimposed. So this also makes the human Mandala similar to printed Mandala.


Apart from the above similarities between the printed Mandela and the human Mandala there is also connection of these Mandalas with the aesthetic root. Because both of these mandalas will provide the best peaceful connection to the heart.

spiritual and the physical fitness

If you do yoga you will get both the spiritual and the physical fitness and if you have a printed tapestry, you will also experience the same kind of aesthetic and spiritual connection to your heart like the one which yoga gives in the form of human tapestries. So what are you waiting for at the moment? Just grab your capacity and you are friends to make a memorable yoga or human Mandala on a printed Mandala. 


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