Best Camping Destinations in India

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Ladakh Camping

Ladakh with its huge expanse of high-altitude desert and diverse terrain is the most perfect camping experience you can hope for. The clear, crystal-clear skies that are uncontaminated by the city’s smoke offers the chance to rejuvenate your view of the natural world amidst the magnificent views of the magnificent Himalayas. The emerald-blue lakes that lie between the mountain ranges and their stark contrast with the surrounding landscape is unique.

If you’re searching for the most ideal location to stay in Ladakh you should consider Tso Moriri Lake camp, the largest lakes in the entire world. You will be able to experience setting up a tent by the beautiful Tso Moriri Lake and witness the Lake changing in colour with the rising sun as it moves between rising and setting. The ideal time to camp is from May through September, when the lake is unfrozen , and you can gaze at its breathtaking beauty. There are other camping spots that you should consider while visiting Ladakh are Sangla Valley camps and West Ladakh Camps.

Whichever camp you decide to set up your tent, you’re certain to experience the best of Ladakh’s beautiful beauty in the breathtaking sunset.

Sam Sand Dunes Camping

Sam Sand Dunes Camping in Jaisalmer is certainly one of the most captivating marvels due to its vastness of the desert so it relates to the view. The sunset and sunrise are among the main highlights , along with others. The magnificent sight of the sun smacking the vast expanse of desert to the west is certainly something worth looking at. Jaisalmer has proven its worth as a gold-colored city thanks to its splendour and history. It is possible to gaze out into the sky in the clear, open air to see the beautiful stars.

Nature offers a completely distinct look of stunning skies as well as painted horizons and golden dunes. The history and culture that has been preserved within the structures reveals the heritage that the Rajputs had. The lively music and dance performed by the locals keep you entertained. It is possible to take a camel ride in the sunset or walk around in bare feet. Enjoy delicious delicacies from Rajasthani cuisine and take pleasure in your camping adventure.

Rishikesh Camping

Rishikesh is situated in the foothills of Himalayas in the midst of the holy Ganga. Ganga is among the adventure places in which you can camp in the midst of nature. Rishikesh is considered to be sacred and holy land where pilgrims flock to receive their blessings. Rishikesh will surely delight your senses with an array of exciting activities including Bungee jumping and hiking, river rafting, huge swings, outdoor games , and other activities.

The trip that is budget-friendly to Rishikesh will make you feel like a rock with cheap campsites and tents with stunning views of the mountains, rivers and the beaches. It is possible to enjoy evening activities such as barbeques and bonfires, as well as singing with your loved ones with the natural world. The clear night sky is guaranteed to create a stunning and serene atmosphere. Rishikesh definitely ranks on the list of the best camping destinations in India for getting back in touch with nature. To experience Rishikesh it is recommended to go during the season when the weather is nice.

Bangalore Camping

Recently, campers within Bangalore are becoming very popular with those who are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. This, along with the abundance of camping choices has made Bangalore to become an extremely sought-after camp spot in India. The lavish resorts near the lake, exciting adventures. Nature camps in the wilderness in the National Parks are some of the amenities. That Bangalore provides to campers.

There are also luxurious homes on the other side from the coffee plantation. That will soothe your soul and pamper your body and mind. Accommodation is diverse with numerous options for exploring. From stunning lodges to wood chalets and luxury tents within the resorts. It is possible to design your camp to your desires. There’s no limit to the adventures. You can participate in, such as kayaking and rappelling, trekking group games, rock climbing and other activities.

Chandratal Lake Camping

┬áIt’s located at an altitude of 4300 metres and draws numerous campers due to its beauty. The camping experience that you can enjoy along the lake is unique in its kind. You can even trek towards the lake to feel the satisfaction of getting your reward. The camping experience at Chandratal is like the natural surroundings. As the night light reflects on the Lake and is awe-inspiring.

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