A Romantic Retreat on a Memorable Dharamshala Honeymoon Tour from Chennai

Dharamshala honeymoon tour from Chennai

Going for a honeymoon is an exciting time for newly weds. A Dharamshala honeymoon tour from Chennai takes you to a charming journey with your partner. Its a chance to create joyful moments and embark on a romantic journey.

Dharamshala is perfect choice as it possess landscapes, serene ambiance, and a touch of divinity. You can select from as per your choice. So it is further ideal for those who searching such place. Nestled in the Himalayan foothills, Dharamshala offers a blend of beauty, culture, and peace.

In this post, we will explore why Dharamshala is an ideal place for romantic retreat. Further highlight some of the must visit spots during a honeymoon tour from Chennai.

1: McLeod Ganj, The Spiritual Haven

Further known as the the residence of the Dalai Lama. So, start your Dharamshala honeymoon tour with a visit to McLeod Ganj.

Immerse in the calm ambiance of this spiritual heaven and explore the famous Namgyal Monastery. Meanwhile, spend time with each other in the greenery of the Dalai Lama Temple Complex. Here you can meditate, find inner peace, and seek blessings for a blissful married life.

2: Triund Trek, A Journey to Paradise

Embark further on romantic trek to Triund, charming hilltop at an altitude of 2828 meters. This moderate trek offers stunning views of the Dhauladhar range and the Kangra Valley also.

Hold hands as you trek through the dense forests, walk along the narrow trails. After that, reach the summit to witness a stunning view of the snow capped peaks. Spend night under the stars in cozy camp and wake up to the stunning sunrise.

3: Bhagsu Waterfall, Natures Serenade

Visit the charming Bhagsu Waterfall, a scenic spot that exudes calm and natural beauty. Feel the cool mist on your face as you stand hand in hand.

Further marveling at the falling waters amidst the lush greenery. Take a dip in the crystal clear pool at the base of the waterfall. Meanwhile, also creating memories of joyful moments with each other.

4: Dharamshala Cricket Stadium, A Sporting Romance

For sports enthusiasts, a visit to the Dharamshala Cricket Stadium is a must. This scenic stadium, having snow capped mountains, offers a blend of sports and natural beauty.

Sit with each other in the stands, cheering for your favorite team. Further, revel in the spirit of the game during enjoying the backdrop of the Himalayas.

5: Kangra Valley, Romance in the Lap of Nature

Take a romantic drive through the stunning Kangra Valley. It has lush green meadows, tea gardens, and scenic villages. Stop at various viewpoints to soak in the scenic beauty and capture photographs.

After that you can visit the Kangra Fort, an ancient fortress. It stands as a testimony to the rich history of the region. Explore the Kangra Art Museum, which houses a collection of exquisite artifacts and traditional artworks.

6: Dal Lake, A Tranquil Boat Ride

Indulge in a boat ride on the Dal Lake, near the village of Tota Rani. Glide through the calm waters, having tall deodar trees and the great mountains.

Meanwhile, breathe in the fresh air and soak in the peace of the nearby area. This calm ambiance will surely create happy memories of togetherness.

7: Norbulingka Institute, Exploring Tibetan Culture

Know about the vibrant Tibetan culture at the Norbulingka Institute. This is further a center for saving local art and customs.

You can take a guided tour of it and witness artists at work. They used to create thangka paintings, wood carvings, and hand crafted items. After that attend a cultural show and immerse in the colors and music.


It further offers a bunch of romantic feel for couples. A Dharamshala honeymoon tour from Chennai offers the perfect blend of romance, culture and beauty. Above all, it covers the McLeod Ganj, the Triund, Bhagsu Waterfall and the cricket stadium.

You can explore the Kangra Valley, indulge in a boat ride on Dal Lake. Immerse in the vibrant Tibetan culture at the Norbulingka Institute.

Dharamshala is truly a heaven for honeymoon couples seeking a retreat with love and joy. So, plan your Dharamshala honeymoon tour from Chennai and create ever lasting moments during it. Those which are filled with love and oneness in the lap of the Himalayas.

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