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6 Best Website Resources For Your WordPress Website.

6 Best Website Resources For Your WordPress Website.

6 Best Website Resources for Your WordPress Website.

In this article, we are going to talk about the six most useful internet resources that you may use for your WordPress website.

Guide on the Greatest Website Resources You Can Use for Your WordPress Site:

It is quite simple to get disoriented when faced with the hundreds of different resources that are available for you to use to develop and improve your WordPress website. That’s why I contemplated cutting that listing down to only sixteen sources.

You’ll find a variety of resources in this directory, including those about photography, design, themes, administration, maintenance, and more.

Let’s get begun!


Pixabay is arguably one of the hottest inventory photo sites on the market. You may receive copyright-free images and videos and use them anyhow you want, including for industrial uses – without paying money.

The collection they have right now has perhaps in the neighborhood of 1.8 million films and images. It’s however a little library in comparison with giant inventory image sites. This indicates that you may have to spend some time looking for the images that you want to complete your project.

Yet it’s a very steep fee to pay when you consider that a significant portion of their collection is completely free.


Pixabay allows users to download free images and videos, however, the website does not include any vectors, PSD files, or icons of any kind. Freepik provides all of them, in addition to a few other ones, along with presentation templates, editable graphics, and many goodies.

The only downside to this is that not all of the content in Freepik may be downloaded for free. But you don’t have to be on the premium plan (and even establish an account) to use it. You just need to filter out the sources so that only the free ones are shown.

Other than the primary materials, which include vectors, pictures, information about PSD files, and icons, all of their instruments and websites that are linked with them are free to use.

Both Pixabay and Freepik provide high-quality images for download; you won’t be disappointed with either one. These are the kind of images that will continue to look great even when seen on a device with a huge screen. Your WordPress website will unfortunately load more slowly as a result of the size of the file.

Here is where compress jpeg first makes its appearance in the story. Your website’s images shouldn’t take up more than 200 kilobytes combined in size, since this can slow it down. can reduce the size of an image by as much as 90 percent without significantly impacting the image’s quality in any way.

What is the coolest thing? It is at no cost! (But you can only process 20 images at one time.)


When you were trying to think of a design for a website, have you ever found that you hit a mental roadblock? Yet, after exploring a variety of websites, you have been struck by the originality and have almost instantly regarded one as having a better design and structure.

You will instantly have access to a large number of websites that have been exquisitely made when you use Awwwards (and it is updated regularly). Not only that, but Awwwards also functions as something of a central hub or library for everything and everything to do with designs.

They offer a website where you can discover collections of sources, ideas, and web pages. The website also includes superb filtering tools.

If you find a WordPress website that has a good design, you could find it useful to model the appearance of your website after the one you found. Go behind the scenes of the website to determine its theme and the plugins it is using. This is one of the most effective ways to do the task in a much shorter amount of time.

A free online tool for doing such is called the What WP Theme. To use it, one only has to go to the website in question, input the relevant information, and then click the search button. In a matter of seconds, you will receive your results, which will include theme specifics and identified plugins.


Themeforest (by Envato Market) is a market that specializes in WordPress themes and templates of all shapes and sizes. Some of the websites that serve as a source of inspiration for you may be also powered by themes and templates from Themeforest.

The prices of the items that may be found at this location will range from low to high. The vast majority of the most popular themes, such as BeTheme, X Theme, and Jupiter, have prices that are more than $20. You may get themes from this location for as low as $5 (but be sure to check out the sample website first!).

In conclusion:

Themeforest is an online marketplace that offers a huge selection of both themes and templates to choose from. Be sure to do some preliminary research on your options and examine each of the sample websites, paying special attention to the shortcodes that the developer is applying.

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