Subastral and its lavish fixtures

Subastral and its lavish fixtures

Subastral is the most reliable online site for the presentation of high-quality equipment for a variety of organizational needs. The fact that people esteem the same things and that they have affordable price is important in this location. It is simply due to the fact that consumers have a broad selection of various items that continuously integrate functions while also being durable and having a lot of power.

Dress forms

Dress form displays are popular because they are great in-store promotional tools and have the power to generate sales in a retail environment. The basic display form is a powerful and convincing weapon in the merchandiser’s toolbox, and it should not be overlooked. A dress display form serves as a substitute for a full-time model, exhibiting the possibilities of an outfit, presenting to the buyer how clothing seem in three dimensions, and cross-promoting various coordinates and accessories offered throughout the shop.

Our company, Subastral Inc., offers a comprehensive selection of male, female, and kid size forms that are particularly created for efficient retail display. The use of a body form display allows apparel that would otherwise be hung on hangers or stacked on shelves to be given life-like form and presented as if it were actually worn; demonstrating how the fabric hangs and fits; and allowing the customer to fully visualize the apparel in all aspects, something that no other retail store fixture can provide.


If you’re searching for some ideas to help you market your jewelry, go no further than here. Function, increased presentation, and long-term usage are all important considerations in the design of our jewelry displays. The designs have been developed throughout time for practical usage and successful marketing, in order to appeal to both sellers and buyers alike.

Look through our collection of unique, high-quality display stands and showcases for retailing jewelry, accessories, wrist watches, and charms, among other things. Our displays are available in a variety of styles and functions, all of which are meant to organize and bring attention to the product.

Constructed with high-quality materials for everyday usage and to enhance the visual impact of your goods, this item is both functional and attractive. It is easy to use since they are conveniently sized to include a variety of tiny sizes that enable them to be put inside exhibits for further protection and in situations where surface display space is restricted. Because of the robust, space-saving designs, your jewelry will be kept secure and tidy, and, most importantly, your product will be simple for your consumers to look through.


Consumers’ purchase decisions are increasingly influenced by visual cues. An effective three-dimensional display is critical when it comes to establishing brand identification. This illustration shows how an outfit appears on the human body. The ability to engage consumers and increase sales potential is critical for business success.

Improve your ability to convey the value of your brand.

It’s common for customers to notice a well-dressed display form as they go into your business for the first time. This is critical to the development of your brand’s identity and core beliefs.

Make use of the effectiveness of cross-promotional merchandising.

Cross-promotional marketing is a powerful tool that may be used to great advantage in the fashion industry. The ability to present matched ensembles and entice clients to purchase more than one item is made possible by this method. Always remember to include accessories with your presentation in order to complete the overall appearance.

Creating Visually Appealing Displays

Retailers have access to one of the most powerful display tools available. It is possible for a retail shop to attract more consumers if it gives careful consideration to how these forms are used. This effect may have a significant impact on how much a customer spends on the things on display.

Window displays

When it comes to utilizing props in a window, life-sized models are the greatest choice. The full-sized shape may give you with a fantastic chance to display whole ensembles in a single shot. Using visual merchandising to bring customers in from the street is a good strategy for increasing sales.

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